Giving Back to the Woman Who Gave Me So Much!

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Wow, a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Not much in the way of being creative, but life has taken quite the turn.

My Mom has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a form of cancer that resides in the bone marrow and produces a protein that does not allow the bone marrow to create blood properly.  This is what has caused her kidney failure, and what has caused her bones to weaken resulting in a collapsed vertebrae. It is an understatement to say it has not been an easy past few months for my mom. Yesterday, we all (my sisters, Cindy and I) went to her first oncologist appointment with her. It was overwhelming to say the least. Her chemotherapy treatment runs in six week cycles and consists of a 4 day treatment of 2 pills at the beginning of the cycle, a weekly I.V. treatment for four to five weeks, and a bone strengthening cycle. To top it all off this will be worked in to her dialysis treatments that she will still be getting.  This will all take place over a one year period, just to hope the cancer goes into remission.

To explain, my Mom is the strongest most stubborn woman on the face of this planet. As an example, in her appointment, she was insisting that she not stay at our place (Cindy’s and mine) if needed because it would put us out. My mom, was flat out worrying about our comfort above her own, knowing full well she is probably going to go through the most difficult time in her life.

I love my mom, probably a lot more than I have ever shown. I am looking forward to being there for her. I feel that over the years I have not been the most warm or connected son, but knowing that my mom is in a time of need what better way to step up and give back a little of what she has done for all of us over the years.

Until next time…


Tablets, Paint and Paper.. Oh my!

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First Tablet Test

60 Seconds of drawing on a tablet.

So a week has gone by and my creative juices have been flowing. I have been able to contribute to my “craft” 4 days over the past seven and feel very good about it.

First, I completed twoi full models (Warhammer 40K miniatures) for some folks I am doing commision work for. It feels good when you get paid for your art. Anywho that is not not most exciting part of the week.

Last week I had an idea to put together a proof of concept, on how a Wacom tablet, and projector can add to the classroom and online teaching exoerience by somewhat replacing a chalkboard and at the same time be able to record the lecture. So, I borrowed one of the animation program’s Wacom Cintiq 12′ tablet to put together my idea.. The results… well, in only 60 seconds I had Gimp opened up and was drawing like I had a piece of paper in my hand. So this got me to thinking about the application of a digital tablet for my home studio. (will its not really a studio, rather a small desk in our basement). So after some discussion with Cindy, we decided to purchase one. So in a few short weeks I will be the proud owner of a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

This will only add to my productivity, and accomplished feeling of being creative.

Unil next time…

A night with Oscar…

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Montys first Oscar Party!

Montys first Oscar Party!

Welcome back from the weekend! For me this weekend was both eye opening and inspiring.

This weekend was filled with, fun, friends, family and Foster.  Let me recap.

Friday night, Cindy and I went to dinner and I indulged in a Roasted Peppercorn Burger. Man oh man my waistline is not thanking me. We then proceeded to go to a friends house for a visit. The night ended fairly early (11:30 pm) but it was still nice to have a visit with friends we had not seen much of in a while.

Saturday was filled again. We had the Teeds over for dinner. On the menu, cooked lamb, pesto and provolone portabello mushrooms,  with asparagus and Greek salad. After dinner we were privileged to watch a stunning performance of “Singing in The Rain” by a local community theatre group. The show was nothing less than breathtaking as the actors, all fit well in each of their roles. I am not only saying this because our little man was in it. It truly was one of the best productions I have see.

Sunday was no less jam packed. It started with a nap, then brunch. I know I will probably be chastised for sharing this with you, but, the Howard Johnson on Douglas street in Sudbury has the cheapest Sunday brunch in town. To boot,  it bread pudding is a dream on a plate. If you are ever in wonder of what to do for breakfast on a Sunday morning, I say go to the HoJo.

Here is where the weekend became inspirational for me. At 2:00 pm we watched another play put on by the Sudbury Theatre Centre. It was Norm Foster’s “Skin Flick”. I know what you are thinking.  “How was a skin flick inspirational OJ?” Well,  the show was hilarious but it was not the show that was inspirational. It was the Q & A with the playwrite Mr. Norm Foster himself, that got me and I am sure Cindy and the Teeds to thinking.

Here is what I took away from it…

I am no actor, nor a playwright for that matter. Sure I have dabbled with the performing art, but I am pretty sure I will never make a career out of it. Mr. Foster said something to the small group of people that gave me a little spark. He said that he was told when he was in college to write something everyday. Obviously, you can tell by my writing that I am no wordsmith, but I do feel that I am creative in other ways. I like to think of myself as an artist. I enjoy painting, drawing and photography. So I thought to myself, “Why can’t I apply what Mr. Foster said to my art?” While watching the Oscars with the Teeds I realized something. I realized that if I drew something, painted something, or took a photo of something everyday. I would feel accomplished. I would feel that my creative desire is filled, and heck… We might even have some nice paintings to put on our walls after it all.

Until next time.


New Focus – The Day After Valentines

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Lately, my focus in life has been on my family, work and the shows I have been involved in. But that has all taken a turn. My last show ended on January 26, and I have decided to take a leave from acting. Although I enjoy it very much, I know I am not as talented as people tell me so, I feel should not get my hopes up on becoming anyone famous, because… well, I simply will never be.

So, how do I give all that I have to the world and feel like it is all worth it?

Well, first let me say that at one time in my life making money was very important to me, heck I thought it was the only thing. I thought the more you had the more of a man you would be. I was sorely mistaken.

My family (Cindy and Dante) have shown me that the little things in life matters. Just last night for Valentine’s day We made home made pizza and taught Dante how to play Crazy 8’s for the first time. Looking back on the evening, my heart was so filled with happiness, and joy. I did not want it to end.

So, I am willing to bet you are asking what my new focus is?

Well I am going to focus on four main things in my life.

1. My family
2. My Health
3. School
4. The things that make me feel creative.

Although work is important to me, I categorize that as something that makes me feel creative. I do however help faculty discover new ways to use technology in the classroom. Is that not creative?